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Mega Semiconductor Co.,Ltd is a leading and professional independent distributor of electronic components. With its advanced management concept, reliable product quality and perfect service system,Mega has been awarded various international certifications. Our powerful supply system, combined with our unsurpassed product knowledge and stable partnership with famous manufactures and agencies both at home and broad, enables us to provide you with first-class technical support and service.

Mega has won authorized distribution in Chinese area for many famous international chip manufactures such as ALTERA, ATMEL, TI, ST and ADI, etc. Mega adheres to the principle that all its products are brand-new in original packing and consistent with the ROHS standard, and spares no effort in offering first-rate service. 

With its unique corporate culture, Mega has attracted and cultivated a group of high-quality technicians, salespersons and executive elites. All its employees have received higher education and participated in diversified internal training,who can serve customers very well. We believes that an excellent enterprise should not only sell products, but act as the talent cultivator and brand builder. We aim to be "The Best Team Ever" !

Mega always persists on the driving principle of "Technology productivity, Quality First, Customer Foremost." We pursue to build up a mutual benefit and long-term business relationship with all of our customers.

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