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Integrated voltage regulators target servers apps

This article was posted on 05/25/2008 and scheduled for print publication in April 2009.

Integrated voltage regulators target servers apps

 Advances in control IC, MOSFET, and packaging shrink size and improve efficiency

The second-generation (Gen2) SupIRBuck integrated POL voltage regulators (IR38xxMPbF) feature advances in control IC, MOSFET, and package integration technologies. They target high-performance server, storage, and network communication applications.

The new devices offer a switching frequency from 250 kHz to 1.5 MHz, and deliver 96% efficiency. With a common 5 x 6-mm footprint, the regulator family is designed for 4-, 8-, and 12-A output load current at 1.5-MHz switching frequency. While these devices have an input voltage range of 1.5 to 16 V with 5-V bias, they are optimized for 12 V. They have an output voltage range of 0.7 V to 90% VIN.

The regulator devices are a pin-compatible solution for easy current upgrade. Other key features include overcurrent and overtemperature protection, programmable switching frequency, enable input with input-voltage-monitoring capability, hiccup current limit, soft-start, power-good output, advanced prebias startup, sequencing, and a dedicated device for DDR memory tracking. (Ea/10,000: IR3842, $1.20; IR3831 and IR3841, $1.30; IR3840, $1.75 — available now.)

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