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BlackBerry PlayBook 2 ten unsuccessful reason: RIM or will sell

February 23, 2012

There have been reports of RIM under development,PAL18H2AVM price, the other a tablet PlayBook 2, but whether or not RIM launch, or when the launch of the product, will be doomed to failure.
RIM current situation is quite awkward. On one hand, the company will continue to produce a large number of products to keep their jobs, and the existing customer satisfaction; on the other hand, the company’s products in the market to lose their appeal. As of now, even if the new company CEO Mr Teng Hayes ( Thorsten Heins ) go to take office, no back safe and sound in both assertiveness. At least for now, whether investors, analysts, and even the company’s employees are not optimistic about the future of RIM.
RIM recent poor performance is important because of its flat computer failure performance. The tablet is the future development trend of a few years, but the RIM is not the star products to win in the tablet PC market a cup of a thick soup.
RIM first PlayBook tablet computer it is a failure, so that the company will be released this year to its new tablet computer. At present about this new machine details are scarce, but the machine may use RIM in February 21st launched BlackBerry ( micro-blog ) PlayBook OS 2 operating system. Therefore, can predict the product target consumer group will lock in the enterprise.
However, PlayBook 2 is very little hope of success, failure can hardly be avoided. The following is my given the failure of the ten reasons.
1 sales PlayBook
PlayBook 2 to sold well, its old style must have a good sales as the basis. Unfortunately, the BlackBerry PlayBook performance is poor, the purchase of the products to consumers rarely. Based on this, the RIM PlayBook 2 difficult to succeed signs.
2 enterprises do not care
The BlackBerry PlayBook, RIM says the product is designed to attract business users. But in fact, business users don’t care about this product. Now if you publish a PlayBook RIM 2, estimation of enterprise user or like last time ignore, turn and go.
3 of consumers do not pay attention to
If the enterprise user is not concerned with the BlackBerry PlayBook, the consumer the most realistic response is not to buy. At present, only the apple iPad, Amazon ( micro-blog ) Kindle Fire and Samsung ( micro-blog ) Galaxy Tabs three slate computer success. In addition, the consumer almost without considering other brands of computer products. Therefore, in the face of such a market reality, PlayBook 2 has hard as.
4 RIM or will sell
RIM in recent months had suffered and the company ‘s share price fell sharply, these facts are easy for consumers to produce such a legend: RIM hardware business near sell edge. If that happens, then PlayBook 2 success rate is lower.
5 operating system suck
RIM operating system BlackBerry OS aspects are not satisfactory. The system design is not just as one wishes, built-in applications practicality is not strong, the virtual keyboard disappointing. Although the hardware design is OK, but in a sense, the software is the most important. Unfortunately, in the operating system, the BlackBerry OS inferior to the apple iOS.
6 BlackBerry OS 2 powerful enough
PlayBook 2 may with a new generation of RIM operating system BlackBerry OS 2. The operating system had increased PlayBook users always required to have email, mail list and schedule and other important functions, but still does not support BlackBerry Messenge and BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
7 Apple will launch iPad 3
Reportedly, the apple iPad 3 coming in 3 early release. If the situation as reported, PlayBook 2 will face a tablet computer competition. Unfortunately, it is said that iPad 3 properties in iPad 2 based on improved. As long as Apple’s iPad in shelves, PlayBook 2 will be successful.
8 Kindle Fire faced competition
Amazon’s Kindle Fire and RIM cannot ignore product. Since the Amazon launched last year, Kindle Fire, the product has achieved good performance. This year, the Amazon is expected to be in the Kindle Fire based on the introduction of a display is larger, more expensive flat computer. Want to have a 7 inch display panel PC consumers, PlayBook Kindle Fire 2 will face the fierce competition.
9 lack of adequate application
PlayBook 2 will support the RIM app store BlackBerry App World. However, BlackBerry App World is almost application developers to ignore. According to a large number of research data show that, RIM app store is in short-term inside won’t have too big improvement, and therefore will not be as PlayBook 2 to provide a large number of application support.
10 lost trust
Trust for a company is a valuable asset. RIM as a company, because of the recent production of obsolete products has lost the trust of shareholders. Last year, BlackBerry disruption of network services is exacerbated by the loss of confidence. For RIM users more and more do not trust, people in the selection of PlayBook 2 will be cautious.

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