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IPad market share dropped to 57 innovative business or help domestic business breakthrough

February 25, 2012

Recently,PAL18R1ANM datasheet, data research institutions IHS iSuppli released study shows : in the fourth quarter of 2011 apple iPad ‘s global market share dropped from 64% to 57%. According to the analysis, iPad ‘s market share fell mainly due to Android Tablet and low flat product rapid development.
Since Apple ‘s iPad tablet computer swept the world since, in home at present already more than 100 brand industry to the tablet PC market, the number of products to hundreds of. Mainly includes the traditional PC manufacturer and Malata, Skyworth ( micro-blog ), TCL ( micro-blog ), such as zte. But the current domestic flat-panel computer difficulties just as the year of homebred mobile phone to go out of the country, the profit scanty, the future full of opportunities and challenges.
According to the insiders, the Android and apple iPad camp against the environment, build different products and services, innovative business model or to help domestic manufacturers to become the field of rookie.
Apple iPad encountered strong resistance
Apple created a tablet PC market, and has been ranked the number one position, and in the Chinese market dominant position is more stable. The world famous market research company IDC released data show, Apple ‘s iPad tablet computer market share in China has more than 76%. Data shows, the fourth quarter of 2011 global PC shipments of 27100000 units, of which the apple iPad shipped 15430000 units.
Although the tablet PC market, apple takes the lead, but the Android camp ‘s rapid rise, make the apple iPad increased competitive pressure. In 2011 November, Amazon in the United States of America launched ” Kindle Fire”, in 3880000 shipments in one fell swoop on global tablet Market Second, market share is 14%, South Korea’s Samsung in 8% relegated to third.
Compared with the apple iPad, apart from being cheap, Android camp has ASUS, Samsung and other manufacturers joined, open is the competitive advantage. Strategy Analytics analyst Neal Moss Benton said,” Android Tablet PC system number in multiple outlets, including Amazon, Samsung and ASUS, ZTE and other brand. Although the tablet computer market on the Android system, user interface and application store concerns, but the Android at present is good.”
In addition to Android camp strong resistance, RIM company has been seeking in the tablet PC market development. The message says, RIM will again this year launched several BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, wherein the BlackBerry PlayBook 3G version is expected to be launched in April, and another 10 inches PlayBook will be available at the end of the year.
Market demand will continue to surge in the price war is inevitable
Market research firm NPD recently published research report, the tablet PC market demand in the next five years will show explosive type growth, 2017 Tablet PC shipments are expected from 2011 72700000 growth to 383300000, growth range is amounted to 5.3 times. The report says, much of the growth will come from emerging markets in developing countries. It is expected that by 2017, global emerging markets accounted for the tablet PC market share increased from 36% in 2011 to 46%.
Another survey, over 40% of iPad users family income of $100000, while iPad users only 26% users of family income reaches this level. From the price point of view, many of the Android tablet PCs are cheaper than iPad, such as Kindle Fire for $200, ZTE Optik contract price of only $99.
Overall, from the current development trend, in the continuous development of the market at the same time, the increasing participation of manufacturers, flat panel computer price war is inevitable.
Domestic business needs to seek a breakthrough innovation management
Mobile Internet era, flow management has already become the global telecom operators strategic focus, in strengthening the network construction and upgrade at the same time, all focus on the consumer terminal development. According to the analysis, 2016, tablet PC will occupy the 10% global mobile flow.
Although in the tablet PC market, the market share of domestic manufacturers are not worth mentioning. If the domestic flat-panel computer firm to catch telecom operators the clippers, have the opportunity to usher in the development trend of dense willow trees and bright flowers.
For example, in 2011 April, the domestic firm ZTE ( micro-blog ) in Spain to Telef: Nica launched their first tablet product — LIGHT PRO; ZTE Optik plate through the beginning of the United States before the operator Sprint on sale, took the lead on the North American market; in addition, the message says, resurgence communication will be in the UK next month sales market ZTE V9A Light Tab 2 flat, most likely with a retail store Clove to become partners. Through these efforts, ZTE walked out of with operator depth cooperation innovation development path, walk in the forefront of the main plate of computer firm.
Although the results have yet to be verified, but its path can be said to be worth domestic manufacturers to reference.

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