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Cloud services under the environment of electronic document position of strategy of industry of prospective period

Cloud services under the environment of electronic document position of strategy of industry of prospective period

February 26, 2012

Ministry of industry and informatization advance Dong Baoqing of department vice director 25 days to say,DS1487 price, the cloud service rapid rise against the background of industry, electronic document or will usher in development opportunities, strategic position is highlighted increasingly, seize market opportunity of electronic document industry vision but period.
Dong Baoqing is held in Tianjin electronic documents and cloud services development forum made the above views.
According to understanding, information resource in competition in the international market occupies an important position, our country is gradually from the importance of information technology, information application performance of products, to pay more attention to the deep development of the information resources of the core development direction.
Electronic document as one of the basic tools for electronic documents, international industrial competition. Dong Baoqing said:” our country already from the electronic document industry followers, to build with independent intellectual property rights of industrial system transition. Electronic document as an electronic resource utilization in the Chongzhongzhi is heavy, this year will be even more rapid development.”
He thinks, cloud computing is a new round of competition in the electronic industry has far-reaching influence. From a technical architecture, it simplifies the information awareness system, connected to the network can access from the cloud computing resources. In the information industry, industry concentration and organization degree will also increase, form a batch of bibcock enterprise and small and medium-sized enterprise cluster competition mode. To the user, the application rate of electronic information products will also be a substantial increase, the cost will be reduced apparently.
Dong Baoqing expresses, electronic documents and combined with the necessity of cloud computing. In the existing cloud services the condition of rapid development, seize the development opportunities of electronic document is very necessary. ” ‘ document cloud ‘ strategic strong, in a few short years will form, or even billions of billions of dollars in industrial scale, the prospects are optimistic about.”

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